Trip to Moola Chotok

Published by admin on 30th November 2022


Balochistan is now one of the most visited places in Pakistan as people have recently discovered the beauty of Balochistan, and it is becoming a famous tourist attraction. Among the most beautiful places, Moola Chotok stands out in the desert and dry hills areas of Balochistan.

Moola Chatok is a hidden oasis in the Khuzdar district of Balochistan. It is not only enchantingly beautiful, but this place will surely take your breath away with the views.

Moola Chatok is situated about 105 kilometres northeast of Khuzdaar, and the area is at an elevation of almost 4,058 ft (1,237 meters). This place is famous for the cascading waterfall, which is known as Chotok, and so the name Moola Chotok.

You might find the name to be interesting, but it is quite straightforward. Moola is where the waterfall of Chotok is located, and the word Chotok itself means water falling from a height.

You will find a bunch of waterfalls in this area which is why it lives up to its name of Chotok. The Moola River is located in the Moola Valley, and it is the source of all the waterfalls in the area.

The water flows between the high hills and lush greenery, which almost looks like someone painted a picture because its beauty is just so unbelievable. Looking at the view will give you the peace of mind you were looking for all your life. The sound of the water running, falling, and the light that reflects off of it is a sight to be cherished.

If you want to visit this place but don’t know how to then don’t worry, the Pakistan tour guide is here to give you all the information and details about reaching the area and what you can do there.

The trip to Moola Chotok is an adventure in itself. If you are travelling from Karachi, you will reach the destination in about 8 to 10 hours, depending on the traffic and other factors. However, you will not directly travel to Moola Chotok if you don’t have a 4×4.

First, you reach Khuzdar in the vehicle of your choice and then hire a local 4×4 driver to take you on the track that is rocky and off-road. You will pass by the fresh and lush green fields of oranges, lemons, mangoes, etc, adding to the beauty of the area while en route to Moola Chotok.

It will take you around 5 to 6 hours to reach the unbelievably beautiful oasis that is in the middle of the barren landscape. You will be climbing hills and crossing magnificent rivers on the way to the waterfall.

Once you reach the waterfalls, the view will take away all the travelling stress you might have developed. You can set up camps in the area and stay overnight to enjoy the nighttime view of this ethereally pleasant place.

You can swim, fish, camp, trek, and basically have the time of your life on your trip to Moola Chotok. There are a bunch of travel companies that offer 2 or 3-day trips to Moola Chotok, and you can travel with them, or you can travel with your friends and family in a more private way.