Swat Tour Packages

Swat Tour Packages


Swat Tour Packages

Swat is also known as “Switzerland of the East.” It’s famous for its diverse landscape, natural wonders and wildlife. The high peak mountains, the scenic views, the lush forest, and the pleasant weather make it a complete tourist destination. Also, the Daryae Swat, Fizagat Park, Burj Al Swat Hotel and not to forget the beautiful Shangla Top in Swat are the most visited places of the city.

If you really want to flex your muscles by not spending a hefty amount then Swat should be your go-to place for it. 

Considering this, we offer flexible Swat tour packages to make you travel around the city. Once you visit, you won’t feel the need to depart from there. That’s the magic of this place. And when you have the best Swat tourist guide with you, they can double the fun.

So, here at Trip Venture, we’re open to make you go round in the beautiful Swat valley and all the spots you’ve always dreamed about.

Here are our best Swat Packages 2024

And a lot more personalized packages which are only a call away from you.

Best Swat Tourist Places

If you’re short of time and want to cover most of the Swat in a few days then our travel agency can help you with it. 

Considering your priorities, we schedule your trip in the alluring spots of Swat such as Murghzar, Barrikot, Madyan, Bahrain, and the one and only Malam Jabba which is also the shy resort in Pakistan. 

When you have us to accompany you on the trip, we make sure that you get the best and the most. This is also what we’re here to do. The only travel agency in Pakistan who let you explore Swat tourism in economical tour packages from Karachi, Islamabad or anywhere you want. 

Not only this, while we accompany you on the trip, we also keep your teeny-tiny needs into consideration so you can rejoice in the God-gifted beauty.

What’s the Good Time for a Swat Tour Plan?

Well, every time you’ve your friends and family around is a good time to make travel stories. But if you ask us for a specific period then we’d say the spring to the autumn season which is between April to October. Since in winters the road is snowbound ahead of Bahrain so it can be a bit tough to make it. But if you have plans, we can pull it for you at any time you need. That’s the best perk of hiring us!

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