Moola Chotok Tour Packages

Moola Chotok Tour Packages


Moola Chotok Tour Packages 2024

Balochistan is one of the largest provinces of Pakistan enriched with vast landscapes, deserts, minerals, and beauty. The whole of Balochistan is worth exploring but one place that captures the attention of the tourists is Moola Chotok. Known as the hidden paradise on earth, it’s a breathtaking region of waterfalls. The word ‘Moola’ is the name of the village while ‘Chotok’ is used for waterfalls. It’s also called the Moola Waterfalls.

There are many small and big heavenly waterfalls in this region. However, you’ll also come across the salt mines, high mountains and lakes there. It delights the tourists so much that they can’t resist appreciating this wonderful blessing of the creator. The place is best to lose yourself in the beauty of nature and feel the peace within. The captivating waterfalls around relieve your stress and let you rejuvenate till the time you’re into the experience.

It’s located in the Khuzdar district of Balochistan in the Moola area. Our trip to the Moola Chotok will take you to the mountains, deep blue waters, and the mesmerizing beauty of the waterfalls. But one most important thing to keep in mind while traveling to this place is that it doesn’t offer all the necessary facilities required on a trip so you should pack your bags with everything. And in case, if some necessities go missing, we’re to help you out.

Activities that can make your trip awesome in Moola Chotok

You can travel in any season but we’d recommend you in the spring season because winters are quite freezy in the region while summers are scorching.

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Traveling with TripVenture not only guarantees your safety and comfort but we also make sure to let you reap the best of the adventures especially in Balochistan. You would never regret choosing us as your travel partner.