How Can We Promote Tourism In Pakistan?

Published by admin on 30th November 2022


Pakistani tourism was hit hard due to the war on terror and tourists from all over the world started considering Pakistan to be a violently dangerous country which stopped them from visiting Pakistan.

Pakistan is blessed with beautiful locations and mesmerizing landscapes and can offer a lot to tourists. But due to the war on terror, the tourism industry of Pakistan faced great challenges and lost the charm it once had.

Now, the government of Pakistan is working hard and making efforts to regain the charm of our tourism industry by promoting beautiful places in Pakistan. New projects are being launched in hopes of attracting tourists from all over the world.

In 2018 around 2 million tourists came to Pakistan since then due to the efforts and hardships of the Pakistani government the tourism rose by more than 300% but it is still not enough to generate proper revenue which can help the country.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr Imran Khan has always shown interest in enhancing and improving the tourism industry and for that, this government is making efforts.

According to him, the country’s tourism industry has a lot of potentials, and with proper promotion; the sector will have the ability to strengthen the economy and will also generate job opportunities by creating new businesses.

Here are a few things advised by the Pakistan tourism organization that we can do to promote tourism in Pakistan.

1. Organize Pakistan Tourism Summit:

In 2019 PM Imran Khan organized Pakistan Tourism Summit due to which the tourism industry saw a boom and it increased by a lot. Pakistan should host these summits every year and invite international travel bloggers to share their experiences.

With this approach, all the followers these bloggers have will see Pakistan in a positive light and more and more people will be interested in visiting Pakistan.

2. Provide More Facilities:

Some of the most beautiful locations in Pakistan don’t have internet connectivity and telephonic services which is why tourism in these areas is negatively affected. Keeping this into consideration, the govt. of Pakistan has taken the initiative of providing high-speed internet to famous tourist spots to enhance the tourism industry.

3. Promote Tourism on Social Media:

Every Company is promoting its business on social media because it is the fastest and more efficient way of communicating something to the world. When everything is being promoted on the internet, why not the tourism industry? The government should make a specific plan for the promotion of tourism on the web and put their resources into this medium of promotion.

4. Showcase the Beauty and History of Tourist Locations:

Pakistan has an immense wealth of natural beauty and an abundance of enticing sceneries; we should dedicate a team to showcase such beauty to the world via the internet. Some people love to explore historical places and we have several ancient sites like Harappa, Taxila, and Moen-jo-Daro, etc. These locations will excite people with a liking towards history and we should know the right way to communicate this to the world.

Although Pakistan has a long way to go but with these initial steps we can ensure the increase in the tourism industry, all we have to do is acknowledge the right approach.