Deosai National Park | The Roof of Pakistan

Published by admin on 25th November 2022


The Deosai National Park is a mountain plateau of elegance and sophistication and ecological importance in the Himalayas’ western mountain range, which is nearby to the Central Karakoram Range and located at the East of Nanga Parbat Peak in the Northern Pakistan region of Gilgit Baltistan.  The plateau, which ranges in elevation from 3500 to 5200 meters, encompasses almost 3600 acres of flat but elongated fields separated by hillside and covered in all directions by mountains.

The word Deosai is a mixture of two different words, one is “Deo” (giant) and the other is “Sai” (shadow). This name is the depiction of how people in the previous generation were afraid of exploring unknown places and anything that intrigued them was considered to be haunted. The meaning of Deosai literally means the shadow of a giant and thus the name “the land of the Giants” was given to it.

The other which is given to the Deosai plateau is the “Roof of Pakistan”. The name is accurately given because the Deosai plateau is the second-highest plateau in the world. It is at an elevation of about 4,114 meters that make up to 13,497 ft above sea level.

The Deosai National park is covered with snow most of the year and 8 months to be exact. The rest of the months have beautiful weather with the glowing sun with flowers of all hues and extremely delightful colours. However, you will not see a single tree on this plateau although the area is over

In Deosai there are multiple lakes and all these lakes are home to fresh trout fish which serves as food for the bears as well as locals. You will have a magnificent view of high peaked mountains in the background and the clouds are at your arm’s length which you can touch and feel as if you are in the sky.

The Deosai National park is of great watershed value because three of the most important river systems, Kala Pani, Bara Pani, and Shatung start from here. All these three rivers combine to form the Shigar River which is a tributary of the Indus River.

You will find various varieties of species which include some of the rarest and the most amazing wildlife animals. The Deosai plateau was turned into The Deosai National park in 1993 by the Government of Pakistan with the objective of conservation and protection of the Himalayan Brown Bear.

Other animals include Tibetan wolf, Golden marmots, Himalayan ibex, Tibetan red fox, and many more. The National park is home to birds from all over the world because there is BirdLife International’s Western Himalaya Endemic Bird Area and is also considered to be a resting place for hundreds and thousands of birds.

You can trek across the Deosai plateau and take in all the beauty of springs, mountains, snow-capped grounds, amazing wildlife, catch a fish or two, and have a wonderful time.

The Deosai plateau is one of the significant locations and holds great importance for Pakistan tourism. If you want to explore the greatness of the Deosai plateau then you should make a plan immediately.