5 Amazing Places to Visit in Northern Areas of Pakistan

Published by admin on 25th November 2022


Pakistan is among the few naturally beautiful and fertile regions that offer anything from pure water rivers, cloud reaching mountains, and lush grasslands to exotic fauna and flora to cleanse your soul and energize you for the difficulties life throws at you.

Each year, millions of visitors visit Pakistan’s stunning beautiful environments and landscapes, particularly Azad Kashmir and the northern areas. If you are eager to see and explore Pakistan’s northern areas, then finding good northern areas tour packages will make things easier for your travel.

Moreover, this article will get you familiar with the finest locations to visit in Pakistan’s northern areas. After exploring these finest tourist destinations, you will undoubtedly understand that Pakistan is nothing short of a paradise on Earth. There is no need to travel to other countries searching for beauty and tranquility.

Here are 5 of the most amazing places to visit in the Northern areas of Pakistan.

  1. Skardu

Skardu, with its majestic scenery, is nothing short of pleasure for domestic and international visitors. The Karakorum Mountains are located in the northern part of Skardu, giving out ethereal scenery. They are the world’s second-largest mountains and the most popular tourist attraction for international and domestic mountaineers and hikers.

Skardu is recognized as “Tibet-e-Khurd” or “Little Tibet” because its culture is a mixture of Caucasian and Tibetan lifestyles, and people living here now are mostly ancestors of them.

If you are planning a trip to Skardu, visit Shigar Valley, Skardu Valley, Khaplu Valley, Rondu Valley, and Kharmang Valley, which are known for their delicious fruits like apricots, pears, and apples are a must.

Three Kalash valleys (Bumburet, Rambur, and Biriu) are well-known across the world for their differing religious perspectives, rituals, festivities, and celebrations, as well as their distinctively adorned black festival costumes. Each season, they hold several festivities to express appreciation (for the natural harvests and benefits) to their many gods: spring, summer, and winter.

Because of their unique festivities, three Kalash valleys draw lots of visitors each year. Three Kalash festivals, Chilam Joshi, Uchal, and Choimus, are well-known across the world for their strange customs, unique celebratory dances on cultural music, Kalashi costumes, and cuisines. Tourists worldwide flock to these Kalash cultural events to visit the Kalash people and learn about their unique old traditions and festivities.

Kalash Valley, also known as Kafirstan, is located in the Chitral region in northern Pakistan.

Hunza Valley is among Pakistan’s most appealing and popular tourist destinations, where millions of people come every year for a peaceful and relaxing vacation. This rocky valley is found in Pakistan’s Gilgit Baltistan region.

It draws millions of visitors each year owing to its picturesque charm, lush green meadows, massive snow-covered peaks, and icy waterfalls. Altit Fort, Baltit Fort, Deosai Plains/Nest, Eagle’s Rakaposhi, Borith Lake, and Attabad Lake are just a few of the tourist attractions in Hunza Valley that you must visit.

Fairy Meadows is a beautiful location near one of the Nanga Parbat base campsites in Diamer, District, Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan.

This is widely recognized as among the most attractive camping places in the world for nature enthusiasts for its magnificent views. It is at an elevation of roughly 10,800 feet. A group of German climbers named it “fairy tale meadows,” indicating that it appears to be a piece of heaven on Earth, and since then, it is widely popular as Fairy Meadows.

It is a favorite destination for hikers and a popular camping location for those who want to live surrounded by nature. If you intend to trek, it can take nearly three hours of arduous hiking, and it is better to get a professional tourist guide or do a thorough route check to ensure your safety. The greatest months for camping here are July and September, although tourist season begins in April and ends in September every year.

The stunning valley known as Neelum Valley is located northwest of Muzaffarabad and offers a sight of nature adoration. It’s a spectacle to see as you make your way towards the Neelum River. The majesty of the river on one hand and the other side of the road, towering hills, dense trees, and cascading waterfalls all appear to be a fantasy. The Neelum valley is one of the greatest and most recognized valleys in Azad Kashmir, and its beauty lures numerous visitors.

Since the temperature of Neelum Valley stays too chilly in winter, more visitors arrive in the summertime. Similarly, it is a lovely location that is popular for honeymoon vacations in Pakistan. Due to its proximity to the Indian border, it attracts a large number of tourists from India and throughout the world.

When you visit the valley, don’t forget to visit Ratti Gali lake, Kutton Jagran, Banjosa lake, Halmat, Sharda, and many more beautiful places.