Which Place Is Best Fit For The Honeymoon Trip In Pakistan?

Published by admin on 30th November 2022


Going for a honeymoon trip is an important part of life for a newlywed couple.

Honeymoon serves as a romantic getaway for a couple who has started a new journey and is looking forward to spending their whole lives together.

A honeymoon trip should not be like any other trip; but instead, it should be a little more special, but if you choose the wrong place to travel for your honeymoon, you might end up missing one of the best experiences of your life.

Deciding where to go for your honeymoon trip in Pakistan can be an overwhelming experience with tons of options available. Still, to ease things out for you, we have created a list of some of the best places to visit with your significant other.

1. Naran, Kaghan Valley, Khyber Pakhtunkhuwa

Naran, Kaghan valley is one of Pakistan’s most beautiful places to visit on your honeymoon and spend some quality time together. You will come across the extreme beauty of nature when you visit this place as the valley consists of unbelievably clear lakes, beautiful pine forests, breathtaking mountain streams, and much more.

2. Gilgit Baltistan

If you want to start your married life by making beautiful and unforgettable memories, Skardu is the place to be. Skardu is at the height of 7,500 ft, and imagine being at that height and taking in all the natural beauty with the person you love right beside you.

Following are some of the best places to visit in Gilgit Baltistan:

3. Hunza Valley

Hunza valley is not just a small valley but a massive district comprising several different villages and valleys. Hunza is most definitely among the best work of art nature has made, and because of its ethereal beauty, it is the most favourite spot for couples who want to have quality time on their honeymoon.

4. Fairy Meadows

Fairy meadows have recently gained a lot of popularity and have become a tourist attraction, and rightfully so. Fairy meadows deserve all the praise and love it is being showered with because of the views it offers.

You can see the incredible mountain view of the Nanga Parbat and experience the peace the view brings along.

5. Swat Valley, Khyber Pakhtunkhuwa

Swat valley is all about calming green fields and extravagant forests. You will find mind-numbingly beautiful rivers that reflect the shades of the clear blue, and they will surely make way into your heart, and you would want to stay there forever. 

Several villages look as if someone has specially painted them after pouring in all the right colours.

6. Murree, Punjab

Murree is a popular honeymoon destination among couples and is one of the most famous places to visit in the country. It is an enchantingly beautiful hill station and is home to the best restaurants and shopping markets.

There are numerous places to visit in Murree, such as Ayubia, Mall Road, Bhurban, Rawat, Nathiagali, and many more incredibly delightful places.