Top 10 Places in Swat Valley

Published by admin on 25th November 2022


Mother Nature has given Pakistan the finest beauty, and Swat Valley is no exception. It is the 15th biggest district in the region of KPK, with the Swat River running through its heart and the Hindu Kush Mountains in the background. It stayed heavily influenced by the Gandhara Civilization (Buddhist Community) till the tradition died before the advent of Islam.

The Valley is famous and welcoming, with many natural treasures strewn around it. Swat Valley is sometimes known as the “Eastern Switzerland.” Snow-capped mountains, gushing rivers, plethora of lakes, and perfect weather appeal for a perfect holiday for you.

With reasonable Swat Tour Packages, you can travel with your family and friends for a wonderful time. Here are the top ten places you must visit in Swat.

  1. The Kalam Valley.

The Kalam Valley, which is a 99 kilometres distant from the Swat Valley, is among the most captivating and famous locations in Swat. The Swat River encircles the entire valley, as do the lush green hills. The Kalam Valley is the most frequented tourist destination in Pakistan, with visitors coming from all across the country and even from overseas all year.

Madyan is among Swat’s most famous hill stations. While seeing Swat, travelers encounter something extremely picturesque, making them feel as though they are captivated by the valley. When it comes to Madyan, it is a hill station that allows one to experience the true glitz of the Swat River. Tourists enjoy visiting Madyan because of the particular pleasure of trout fish available at the location where you can breathe purity.

Bahrain has a riverfront hill station as well. Bahrain is the name given to this location since it is the confluence of two rivers. It is a popular location with a large number of visitors arriving every year. There are numerous hotels available for travelers, so finding a place to stay is not an issue. The allure of the nighttime and the cold breezes of the Daral and Swat Rivers may indeed be enjoyed. It also acts as a base camp for the route that leads to the Daral and Saidgai lakes.

The Kumrat Valley is next on our list; it is located about 9 hours from the country’s capital, Islamabad and one hour away from Swat. Kumrat Valley is located in the Upper Dir District, directly beside the Gabral, and offers breathtaking views. Furthermore, rivers and waterfalls abound. If you want adventure, this is a great site for base camping; nevertheless, there are several hotels and lodges after a three-hour hike if you are not familiar with camping.

While driving through the Swat valley, you shall come upon the renowned Swat village of Marghuzar. Marghuzar is historically significant because of the White Marble Palace, home of the Swat Royal dynasty. This palace was constructed in the 1940s by Wali-e-Swat Jahanzeb. When it snows here, the white splendor everywhere makes one want to linger in the skies, forgetting about all the hardships of life.

Malam Jabba is the most renowned old territory in the Swat Valley. Its history stretches back to thousands of years, and it is dotted with Stupas and Buddhist structures. The higher section of mountains is densely packed with Buddhist monasteries that are a sight to see.

Malam Jabba’s primary attraction is an 800-meter-long ski slope complete with an ice skate park, cable cars, and a ski resort. This mountain is an excellent opportunity for all skiers, both professionals and beginners, to grab their skis and roll through the snow.

Mahudand Lake is also one of Swat’s most beautiful and must-see attractions. It is situated in Kalam’s Usho Valley. The massive Hindu Kush Himalayas provide a full background with lush camping fields. The ideal time to see the lake is in midsummer because it freezes in winter, and travelers may encounter difficulties because of the road closures.

Jarogo Waterfall is located in Matta Tehsil’s Chatekal Valley, which is off the main road and distant from the attractions of Swat Valley. The highest waterfall in Pakistan has covered approximately 120 meters of land and is teeming with Swat Valley’s unique flora and wildlife. Hike to the waterfall, stopping to see the natural marvels along the route. The journey is suitable for a camping family holiday.

Fizaghat Park is a popular tourist destination where you can experience a range of delicious local foods as well as lovely temperatures. It is about 3.6 kilometers distant from the town of Mingora. The rushing water of the Swat River, along with the cold, refreshing wind, makes this an once-in-a-lifetime encounter.

  1. Kundol Lake

In the midst of the massive Hindu Kush Mountains, there is a lovely lake called Kundol, which draws millions of visitors every year. You may create a one-of-a-kind blend of white and green settings by combining lush green woods with snowflakes. It can be found to the north of Utror Valley. If you’d like to experience the weather here, you should come in the summer because it is the greatest season to go fishing and sailing.