The Natural Environment Is Essential For Human Thinking…

Published by admin on 30th November 2022


Human beings are designed to think and explore their cognitive abilities and question certain things in their lives. Still, with the pressure of studies, work-life, family life, and just maintaining the balance in life exceeds the limits, we find ourselves in a vicious cycle of the same everyday life.

When we are young, we study hard to get into a good college or university to step on the right path of success; after getting into the university, we have to maintain good grades along with all the other responsibilities to end up with a worthy degree so that we can get a job somewhere reputable and make a career.

After completing the university, we fall down the rabbit hole of sending applications and interviewing for jobs. Finally, when we get a job, we have to work day and night to achieve our goals and live a financially stable life.

After all of the above is achieved, the pressure of marriage and starting a family creeps upon us, and frankly, our life is always somehow under pressure, and this pressure only increases with time, affecting our mental and physical health, which we ignore most of the time.

We are surrounded by things that can help us grow mentally and physically, but we don’t even stop appreciating those things because of all the pressure. One of these things is “NATURE.”

Nature is something that is around us constantly at all times, but we conveniently fail to acknowledge and appreciate it because it is something that we can get for free. Nature is everywhere, from a flower growing in your garden to birds chirping on the trees to trees rustling through the wind to rain pouring down the sky. It is all about how we perceive things and if we focus on them.

We are so busy in our daily lives that we ignore the fact that getting close to nature is as essential as doing all the other tasks in our daily lives. It may not seem to affect us in the short term, but depravity from nature will definitely begin to show in the long term.

Living in a natural environment or travelling to one will give us tranquillity which our mind and body desperately need. Breathing the fresh air free from any air pollution, sticking our hands into the cold and running water from a waterfall, smelling the sand after rain, and looking at the beauty nature has to offer all have positive effects on our minds.

Have you ever heard a doctor suggesting the patient travel to someplace quiet and closer to nature? Why so? Because we need nature to feel good, lively, and in short, look at things with a new perspective. We need nature more than it needs us, and we should understand this as soon as possible for our betterment.

It was only a couple of decades ago when doctors and scientists really began to correlate nature and the human mind. They found out in different studies that being closer to nature allows the human mind to think more efficiently and uplifted the mood almost instantly.

The studies show that spending some quality time in nature greatly helps in the improvement of mental health problems such as depression and anxiety. They came up with different therapies that involved doing different things in nature and spending more and more time with nature; this further proved that it does have a positive effect on the human mind as people who suffered from depression felt well after the therapies.

Living in Pakistan gives us such a big advantage because we have some of the most beautiful places on Earth that include Gilgit Baltistan, Murree, Kashmir (Heaven on Earth), Naran Kaghan Valley, and several other enchantingly beautiful places.

We have the option of travelling to these places at any given point because all we need to do is buy a train or plane ticket and begin the journey of self-exploration. This will not only give us a break from our daily hectic life, but it will also provide us with the peace we don’t get in the city and eventually improve our mental health.

Natural Environment is more essential for human thinking than we would like to believe, but we cannot deny the facts at all. Nature helps us think better because it improves our mood, reduces the feeling of excessive stress, helps us be more agile and active, reduces the feelings of anger, and also calms us down.

All of these factors result in a healthier and fuller mind. When we lose the stress, anxiety, and anger, we look at things differently, which allows us to think differently and in a much more open manner.

By getting close to nature, we are basically favouring ourselves more than we can imagine, and just getting out there will drastically improve things in our life. If you think you are overtly stressed because of work or studies, then you need a trip to the northern areas of Pakistan and give yourself a chance to explore the beauty this country has to offer.

we suggest you get out of the shackles of your daily routine and take your family or friends along with you on a journey of self-improvement and growth.

You can go on a Pakistan tour or choose a specific place to visit anything that suits you but just does it and notice the improvement it brings to your life. Many tour companies in Pakistan are offering Pakistan tour packages in 2021, and you can avail yourself of those for your trip.

Getting closer to nature will not only give you a chance to improve your mental and physical health so that you can think more openly and efficiently, but you can also explore the beauty of Pakistan and be proud that you live in a country that is filled with beautiful places.

So, go for a journey that can change your whole life and inspire you to become a better version of yourself.