Swat is Mini Switzerland on the Earth

Published by admin on 30th November 2022


Have you ever been to the northern areas of Pakistan?

If not, then the place to explore is the mountainous region of Swat valley which is also called the “Mini Switzerland” because of its high peaked mountains and the lush greenery.

Swat valley is located in the Malakand division, Khyber Pukhtunkhwa province. There is a place called Malam Jabba in swat valley, which is known for its High Mountains and exotic ski resorts. The site also has a marvelous fine dine restaurant as well as the best hotels with excellent views from the balcony for accommodation which attracts the tourist to visit the Malam Jabba.

Swat valley is also famous for its breathtaking and stunning scenery. There are so many beautiful lakes, rivers, mountains, and villages. It is impossible to visit them on a single day because they are very far from each location. If you love hiking, then swat valley is a place to be because it has very heightened peaks which are significant tourist attractions.

There is a first-ever zip line installed in Malam Jabba, which goes between the mountains, and it will give a very adventurous experience that holds the visitors’ attention. Mahodand lake is a very attractive and beautiful lake because it has blue crystal clear water and is present between the mountains. Another lake is Pari lake which is located at the highest altitude, and there is a rumor which started a while back that the fairies also visit this lake for bathing.

Madyam is one of the villages in Swat valley, which is very populated. The village offers you an interesting landscape view, and scenery and the village have two famous lakes called Chail and Bishigram. In these lakes, you will find fresh trout, which locals catch because it is considered extremely healthy, so there is trout farming in Madhyam village. If you avail of one of the Swat tour packages 2021 and visit this village, there is a luxurious and elegant hotel accommodation waiting for you which offers the best view and great hospitality.

Bahrain is a hill station situated 4500 feet above sea level. Bahrain is known for the two rivers that meet, namely Daral and Swat rivers. The exotic view of the location where these rivers meet is pleasant and a treat to watch for the tourists and locals as well. There are so many bazaars (markets) in Bahrain which offer traditional handcrafts and tasty foods. Visitors visit Bahrain every year without any issues because the Bahrain hotel accommodation is so cheap. It is affordable for everyone to stay in the hotel. It is also popular for mosques that are very spiritual and beautiful.

Swat valley is one of the most beautiful parts of Pakistan, and it will become more popular as the tourism industry is booming in the country once again.
People love to visit the swat valley because it provides an escape for the people who want to stay away from their daily life and hectic routines. Swat valley will also connect you with nature and it will provide you the peace that allows your mind to relax.