Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy presents this privacy policy to let our customers know that they are on safe hands. Our policy will clear all the doubts that disturbs your mind

  • Your personal information is collected to keep your data to inform you about exciting new discounts and trips
  • The details we take are basic and allow us to create value for you through contacting you back with all the information you want, so never hesitate to share with us;
  • Your name
  • Contact number
  • Location
  • While starting any trip we may require the customers NIC Company to assure the security of everyone on the trip.
  • You can share your information only on our email, website forms, or on our provided number and social websites.
  • We make sure that your personal information is not disclosed with anyone and only be used for professional services


You might receive some cookies to allow you browse our website, accepting those cookies will definitely will not provide any harm as it only let you explore you more about us today and in the future. We never send our advertisements frequently so it will not be disturbing.

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